MASTER is readily absorbed and translocated in plant tissue.
MASTER stops feeding of insects within 15 minutes.
MASTER is economic in use as single spray.
MASTER gives better control to wide range of sucking pests.
MASTER is safe to beneficial insects therefore suitable for use in IPM program.
MASTER does not cause pest resurgence.

Crop Application dose/acre Disease
Cotton 80 g Jassids, Aphids, whitefly
Paddy 80 g Brown Plant Hopper, White Back Plant Hopper, stem borer, gall midge, leaf folder
Okra/Tomato /Brinjal 80 g Jassids, Aphids, whitefly
Wheat/Mustard /Potato 80 g Aphid
Mango 80 g Hoppers
Tea 80 g Tea Mosquito bug