1) MERLINcontrols wide range of insects with quick knock down effect.
2) MERLINpenetrates the plant tissues by Translaminar action.
3) MERLINSafe to environment & other non-target pests.

Crop Application dose/acre Disease
Paddy 400- 600 ml BPH, Hispa, Leaf roller, Stem borer
Gram 560 ml Pod borer, Pod fly
Sorghum 600 ml Shoot fly, mites
Wheat 400-600 ml Aphid, Earhead Caterpillar, Mite
Jute 600 ml Leaf roller, Semi looper, Yellow mite
Black gram 600 ml Bihar hairy caterpillar
Sugarcane 800 ml Black bug, Shoot borer
Ground nut 400-500 ml Leaf Hopper, Leaf miner, Thrips
Mustard 500 ml Saw fly
Sesamum 800 ml Leaf webber, Jassids
Chilli/Okra Brinjal 400-600 ml Aphid, Fruit borer, Jassids, Mites
Tea/Onion Cardamom 400 ml Thrips