1) VOLCAN is a non-selective herbicide controlling a wide range of annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds and the MYOJOs of established perennial weeds.
2) VOLCAN is very fast-acting herbicide and controls wide spectrum of weeds.
3) VOLCAN is rain-fast within minutes of application.
4) VOLCAN becomes biologically inactive upon contact with soil.


Crop Application dose/acre Disease
Tea 1000 ml to 1250 ml Imperatacylendrica, Setaria sp., Commelinabenghalensis, Boerhaviahispida, Paspalumconjugatum, Clerodendroninfortunetum, Arundinellabenghalensis, Eupatorium spp, Erechithitesvaberianaefolia.
Potato 1000 ml Chenopodium sp., Angallisarvensis, Trianthemamonogyna, Cyperusrotundus.
Cotton 1000 ml Digeraarvensis, Cyperusiria, Trianthemaportulacastrum.
Grape 1000 ml Cyperusrotundus, Cynodondactylon, Convolvulus sp. Portulaca sp., Tridax sp.